İlkokulumuz is a Social Responsibility Project which is initiated in 2010 by BUYAP (Boğaziçi University Construction Club). There is no doubt, we must start with education to grow more conscious and fair citizens and develop Turkey meanwhile impressing the idea of social responsibility on university students and make them concerned about society’s problems. Main purposes of İlkokulumuz Project are building new schools in rural areas where the education services are not sufficient, and fortifying these schools to serve properly. Civil Engineering Students gain experience by being a part of İlkokulumuz Project, which helps to improvement of social consciousness by the support from Turkey’s most prominent companies and institutions. Every chance that provides a better and fair education system is considered important. Hence, every donation to İlkokulumuz Project is very worthful to students who are going to study in the school that BUYAP going to build, and also to Boğaziçi University Construction Club members. Every grant gains value with İlkokulumuz Project.

Our Previous Projects


In 2010 summer, BUYAP has built an adjunct building and an apartment for teachers to live for a primary school in Baltalı Village in Düzce Akçakoca. This is the first step to bigger projects in future.


In 2011, BUYAP has built a secondary school with 9 classrooms and a dining hall for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades who can be transferred from a primary school in Ağrı, Tezeren Village with association of Boğaziçi University-Robert Collage graduated bussinesmen and executives institution.The main reasons for selecting Tezeren Village are being close to 11 near village and suitable to advance from the secondary school to a high school or a University Campus.


In 2012, BUYAP has undertaken the project of autistic children education center in Ümraniye. All the details about the school have determined with help of Ümraniye Municipality. Construction is going to start after permission process.


In 2013-2014, BUYAP negotiated with Adıyaman directorate of educationand appointed a need for a school with 4 classrooms in Mülk Village, Adıyaman Kahta. Design of the school and all the permissions to construct the school to the area that Adıyamandirectorate of education reserved have obtained. There are only financial issues left to start construct and accomplish this project.