Europe’s civil engineering students have performed in many countries in 1989, an academic congress met. This convention results in order to improve the dialogue between civil engineering students in Europe by the International Association of Civil Engineering Students name International Civil Engineering Students Association was founded. Developments in the process of reaching larger and created more than fifty universities on a sustainable path.

IACES constitute a common platform for the regulation of different kinds in many activities by establishing links with local committees or civil engineering students through university representatives in different countries. Various exchange programs, courses, workshops and seminars content, look from a different perspective thanks to the civil engineering activities such as competitions and offers the opportunity to learn the culture of different countries. new friendships, united in a common denominator in different parts of the world provides the ability to create and develop a network from the student years. We also local committees on behalf of Bogazici University IACES Büyap (LC Boğaziçi) as we operate. Our annual International Design & Construct We also receive many applicants through IACES the Steel Bridge Competition, and we participate in other activities organized by the local committee.


Every year IACES’s done hosted by a different local committees organized under the umbrella of Academic Congress of Civil Engineering students, the International Civil Engineering Students in Academic Congress is the largest event IACES.
Activities, tours, training, workshops, include competition as the host of activities to promote the country’s universities and civil engineering disciplines as well as the country’s history and sightseeing and activities aimed at kültürünütanıt.
Access the participation of representatives from each local committee, they have the opportunity to transfer information about the representatives of the local committees and takes place in an intimate environment where new ideas. General Assembly held a week are made within the organization realized during GAR name. It is not a candidate to join the local committee, which discussed the arrangements related to IACES local committee which will make Access to host the general assembly and the management had discussed the new proposals next year will be selected. 2 to 9 November 2014 in Porto Access 2014 LC performed on behalf of the Bosphorus Sea Text Baran Gokce Guler and joined a team of three people, composed of Emera. Period by the president Baran Guler as Access 2015 event has made presentations in plenary Boğaziçi University Construction Club was selected. Club Access 2015 as in October 2015. We are working to make the event.