As one of the most important student organizations in Boğaziçi University, DECO (Design & Construct) is an international steel bridge competition held by Boğaziçi University Construction Club since 2007. 10th year of Design & Construct is going to be organized as a one week event which contains the steel bridge competition, symposium, construction site visits, gala dinner and cultural activities such as international night, Turkish bath and old town trips. The aim of this week is to gather the students interested in bridge construction and the ones who would like to observe the international steel bridge competition in unique atmosphere of Boğaziçi University. In addition to the celebrations and activities at the 10th year of DECO, a special event as a part of the competition is going to be organized: Boğaziçi Bridge Summit! Boğaziçi Bridge Summit is a kind of seminar day about bridge construction that is going to be held just before the competition. There will be 5 different speakers from different countries who specialized in bridge construction. It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome you here in Istanbul at this amazing week between 11-16 April 2016. There is quota restricted with 40 participants. For more information: bridgesummit16@gmail.com Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/816345318476215

Speakers at the Symposium


Dr. Michel Virlogeux (Structural Engineer & Bridge Specialist)
Selami Gürel (Metal Yapı Eng. & Const. CEO)
Dr. Erhan Karaesmen (Instructor at Boğaziçi University)
Fatih Zeybek (NÖMAYG – İzmit Bay Bridge Project Manager)
Altok Kurşun(Gülsan Holding – Tech. Coordinator)
Julien Erdem Erdoğan  (Freyssinet Turkey General Manager)




12th April 2016

Boğaziçi University South Campus Ibrahim Bodur Auditorium

09:30 – 10:10                   Opening


10:00 – 11:00                   1st Lecturer


11:00 – 11:20                   Coffee Break


11:20 – 12:20                   2nd Lecturer


12:20 – 13:20                   Lunch


13:20 – 14:20                   3rd Lecturer


14:20 – 14:40                   Coffee Break


14:40 – 15:40                   4th Lecturer


15:40 – 16:00                   Coffee Break


16:00 – 17:00                   5th Lecturer