Civil engineering release form start to appear Civil News, after as well as news from the construction sector by deciding to growth in cultural studies, topics on the agenda, sports and offering news from the world of entertainment has become a magazine. Each year, the planned removal of the periodical, and experienced with people who have done important work in the construction sector, our department is to feature interviews with former and respected teacher. However, a recent graduate of our department and our interview with people who pursue a career in different areas brings different perspectives to civil engineering students. Who want to learn about the construction industry, innovation and projects, our magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to follow in music, sports and interests much broader audience by writing about my day, it is presented as an enjoyable career magazine. those preparing for the construction industry and offers the opportunity to meet with important names from different sectors. By providing an area for which they do research on topics they’re curious about our authors give themselves a chance to develop valuable qualities is a workshop for our club.

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